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As a pastor of the Catholic Church, I spend my entire life working with people. I see my life as of a pilgrim traveling with people. Faith plays a big role in my life. It has been like a channel, through which I met people, got acquainted, befriended them, listened and (in my work) guided them.  

That is where my strength lies. And that is what I have to offer as a person and as a pastor. The work you do as a pastor is about managing and inspiring the many volunteers of which a parish consists, but also supporting those who come to church to talk with a pastor about their sorrows and joys, to prepare a baptism, a marriage, a funeral.

As a student pastor, I enjoyed working with young people from various backgrounds. It was my first real encounter with our multicultural society. Listening to them provided many insights with which they could pick up their thread again. In the Penitentiary Institution the question was different. Inmates sought a listening ear and some acceptance of the period in which they had to serve their sentence.

that was then


Since I retired in December 2018, I like to give substance to this, also outside the framework of the church, from the experience gained over the years.

What can we do together?
I feel at home with the method of Servant Leadership, with its characteristics as empathy, healing capacity, commitment to the growth of people and stewardship or sustainability.

I can be deployed as project supervisor, network coordinator, and stimulator full of inspiring and creative ideas. I like to dedicate myself to projects of connecting people. Projects that not only realize a certain goal, but also forges a team along the way and provide participants with joy, recognition and development. Cooperation brings up the best in people! In addition, I remain wholeheartedly available for the work of a pastor.

Contact me at once, or take you time, look further on my site and decide later.

It requires to look with different eyes. Learning to listen to what goes well, what inspires people, appeals to them, makes them enthusiastic, is more than ever necessary.

Jan Hendriks. ‘Goede wijn, waarderende gemeenschapsopbouw’ (‘Good wine, appreciative Inquiry’)



Cultural services

2009 – 2010 Project Community Home, Vollenhove 1095 Zeist

As part of a two-year study diaconal work at Luce, center for Religious Communication it was obligated to do an internship. I chose the Community Home Vollenhove in Zeist as place for my internship. Decided was to do an enquiry in the L-flat in Zeist, where the Community Home is located. A  group of volunteers rang at almost all the doors and asked if some questions could be asked. Many of the residents, from many different nationalities, gave a warm welcome. The method of presence approach was used. Finally there were 75 usable interview reports.

Objective: “By meeting with each other in a warm atmosphere, have an open conversation about spirituality and religious meaning. Listening and showing respect for each other’s opinions, were key tools.” New activities for the Community Home resulted from the conversation reports.

Church services

As a deacon of the Catholic Church I can guide people at important moments of their lives. Baptism and Marriage are Holy Sacraments and can only be administered by a priest or a deacon. I have guided and supported people throughout my working life in this way.

Time and again these are intensive contacts at emotional moments of life. The preparation consists of organizing all the practical things that have to be arranged. But especially the deeper side (the side of our hearts) of what it means to be baptized, to get married or to prepare the funeral of a loved one. Profound are the discussions between partners in Baptism and Marriage. And with a Funeral between the relatives of the deceased. My task is to support and guide these conversations. So, stones are gathered to build a celebration of Baptism, Marriage or Funeral with its own personal touch.

a few


Below I show a few projects that I have worked on with great pleasure.

In 2016, this six-meter-high open warehouse was built on the benches in the Hofkerk. Cheerful colored balls were hoisted up in buckets by the children. Driven by gravity, they then found their way through the corridors of the warehouse, rolling and bouncing. Children from five schools had made the numerous parts of the warehouse. In collaboration with Stichting Kunsteducatie de Rode Loper, art teacher Gerald Maurice and kinetic artist Mark Bischof.





On behalf of Caritas Amsterdam active for the undocumented migrants

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Now, as you have a picture of who I am, how I work and what I can do for you, let’s meet and lay the foundation for a new and successful business relationship. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
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